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Lieberman-Kyl Passes, 76-22

by: tparty

Wed Sep 26, 2007 at 11:53:30 AM EDT

(Bumped and updated with with final vote tally - promoted by tparty)

Update: The amendment just passed 76-22. (Official roll call will be up here soon.) Clinton and Reid voted aye. Dodd and Webb were among those who voted nay (here's Dodd's statement). The final language they voted on is unclear, but if Webb voted against it, it's obvious his sincere and serious concerns as he voiced yesterday were not addressed by the revision. (Here's the marked up amendment as a PDF - most of the particularly inflammatory language was taken out, except for the paragraph asking the State Dept. to designate the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group.)

Let's be clear. There is no doubt about the intent of this amendment, and it's ultimate effect - to ratchet up tensions, put the Senate's imprimatur on something just short of an authorization of force, and make military action against Iran more likely, if not tomorrow or next week, then at some future point.

When the Iran AUMF is brought up for a vote in the Senate, you can bet Lieberman and Cheney will be referencing this vote repeatedly.


Carah Ong has the latest details on the amendment as of this (Wednesday) morning:

It is possible that the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment No. 3017 could be voted on today. My colleague Travis Sharp just called the Cloak Room and apparently there is not yet an agreement for a vote on either the Biden amendment or the Lieberman-Kyl amendment.

According to Laura Rozen citing a veteran Hill source, "Schumer allegedly [is] working on a side by side. Levin will likely vote yes, while ... Reid is likely to vote no. ... The alternative will still condemn iran, but probably use less inflammatory language and likely make clear that it is not authorizing force in any manner."

Call it a hunch, but I doubt the revised language will be much better.

Robert Naiman at Just Foreign Policy has set up an email tool for contacting Senators about the vote:

The Senate is scheduled to vote as early as Wednesday, September 26, on an amendment that, if passed, would dangerously escalate our government's conflict with Iran.

Can you contact your Senators and ask them to vote against the Kyl-Lieberman amendment on Iran?

Bill Richardson has come out with a public statement opposing the language in the amendment. Sens. Webb and Durbin have also spoken out forcefully on the Senate floor.

Meanwhile, Sen. Dodd maintains his public silence:

U.S. Senator Chris Dodd:
Tel: (202) 224-2823
Tel: (860) 258-6940
(800) 334-5341 -CT only

tparty :: Lieberman-Kyl Passes, 76-22
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Let's say we just storm the Capitol now.. (0.00 / 0)
..with our scythes and pitchforks and be done with the lot of 'em.

Vote going on now (0.00 / 0)

i'd like to know exactly who votes FOR this (0.00 / 0)


I'm with Scarce.. I've got my pitchfork in hand (it's got four prongs.. is that still a pitchfork? I think it's really a four prong cultivator but it will do)

.Adding Another Dimension of Vituperation Toxicity to Blogging since 1999!.

[ Parent ]
FYI... Dodd. (4.00 / 2)
Statement of Senator Dodd on the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment

"I cannot support the Kyl-Lieberman amendment on Iran.  To do so could give this president a green light to act recklessly and endanger US national security.  We learned in the run up to the Iraq war that seemingly nonbinding language passed by this Senate can have profound consequences.  We need the president to use robust diplomacy to address concerns with Iran, not the language in this amendment that the president can point to if he decides to draw this country into another disastrous war of choice."

I am proud to work Chris Donovan's campaign for congress in CT-05!

76-22 for Lieberman's death march, right? (0.00 / 0)

It's Getting Harder and Harder To Vote For Clinton (0.00 / 0)
Even if she is the Dem nominee.

I hear ya there.. (0.00 / 0)
she's far more hawkish than I'm comfortable with (and that's an insulting term .. I apologise to Accipitridae everywhere, they hunt for food not for oil)

.Adding Another Dimension of Vituperation Toxicity to Blogging since 1999!.

[ Parent ]
Don't get hung up on semantics, Jon (0.00 / 0)
It's a faux democracy, and she is a faux Dem.  We are supposed to be comforted by the label when the policies make us nervous.  NOT.

She's there to catch the ball when the GOP fumbles.

I think we should just do a rundown on who all the corporate sponsors are and separate people by stance groupings and funding, not be party name.

[ Parent ]
Unbelievable. How can so many Dems have learnt nothing? (0.00 / 0)
Did 2006 mean nothing?

How craven and spineless can our Senate Democrats be? It boggles the mind how quickly they submitted to this unnecessary, dangerous thing.

Dodd looks more and more like the true leader in the Senate.

I was waiting for the vote to write my column (0.00 / 0)
for next week. Sen. Lieberman, stand by for another "can of whoop-ass" as Maura so gloriously put it.

And Hillary - don't think you're getting off easily.

It makes you wonder how Dodd can say the #@$^ like he did last week about his good buddy Joe.

I still want to know the context for that (0.00 / 0)
or whether stenographer/water boy Andrew Miga made a composite column of old and new quotes to suit the moment.

[ Parent ]
Both resolutions are insane (0.00 / 0)
First, Iraq is supposed to be ruled by a duly elected government.  Since when does the American congress blithely flick out a resolution telling another country of 25 million people that it should be broken up into three parts.  Let's recall that another Western power- Britain- put Iraq together seven decades ago out of three former Ottoman provinces.  The British threw in Kurdistan.  They plopped down a Hashemite king on the throne who'd just been deposed from Syria by the French when the British handed that new country over in return for access to Iraqi oil deposits.  Britain was roundly criticized for its end of the era imperialism.  Now we're reversing the process without any consultation with the Iraqi people at all? 

And how is it that we are flippantly breaking up a country for whose freedom and integrity more than 32,000 young Americans have supposedly been fighting and to give that duly elected government time and security with which to stop the civil war and provide stability itself?  That's what Bush has been telling us they are dying for.

The insanity of the "invade Iran" resolution is too much to take.  It was precisely such a closet declaration of war that Bush used to force Congress to approve a use of force resolution against Iraq.  Let's be clear: there is no sane reason for going to war against Iran.  None. 

And in your column, be sure to pose the question of whether Chris Shays' and Joe Lieberman's military-aged children will be the first to enlist for the new war.  It is abundantly clear that we do not have the conventional forces to engage the military of a nation of 70 mn people.  And with enlistments lagging, even with ever bigger cash bonuses, the war cannot be launched without a draft.  We are already bogged down in fighting in a country barely a third that size.  And what if Iran starts firing shore-to-ship Exocet missiles and begins sinking our carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf?  Will we go nuclear immediately?  For what purpose?  To vanquish yet another Middle Eastern country that hasn't the slightest capability of threatening the United States?

This is madness, pure and simple.  And it is the height of stupidity by Congressional Democrats.  They've learned nothing; they understand nothing.  They're dolts.

[ Parent ]
And, so it goes ... (0.00 / 0)
McCain and Obama didn't vote ...

I believe that time wounds all heels. -John Lennon

Caruso as indy? (0.00 / 0)
Off topic but I just heard that Caruso announced his indy run a few minutes ago on the steps of the Bridgeport courthouse.

Senate also passed Biden's ethnic cleansing plan for Iraq (0.00 / 0)
Joe Biden won a victory in the Senate today, with the chamber voting 75-23 for a non-binding endorsement of his plan to partition Iraq into three separate states with Baghdad as a federal capital.

Nearly all Democrats voted for the measure, with only two exceptions: Barack Obama missed the vote, and Russ Feingold voted against it. The Dems were joined by 26 Republicans voting in favor of the plan.


Good Christ....

I think it is an excellent plan... (4.00 / 3)
...if we could go back in time to 1919 and implement it.

I am proud to work Chris Donovan's campaign for congress in CT-05!

[ Parent ]
too late... (0.00 / 0)
you'd probably need to predate the Baghdad Railway.

[ Parent ]
Lieberman on WTIC (4.00 / 1)
Lieberman talking to Ray & Diane on WTIC AM this morning about the bill and Iran: mp3 audio.  Says the netroots is "very hyperactive on this stuff."  Defends anti-MoveOn resolution.

I just can't listen to that today (0.00 / 0)
maybe tomorrow. but thanks for the link

I feel sick :(

the netroots is nauseous over this stuff.. well, I am, anyway.

.Adding Another Dimension of Vituperation Toxicity to Blogging since 1999!.

[ Parent ]
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