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You Should All Be So Proud

by: bigdavefromqueens

Fri Nov 03, 2006 at 22:58:57 PM EST

( - promoted by Scarce)

This is my thank you letter.  I'd love to tell all of you this in person at the victory celebration Tuesday night wherever that is.

I want everybody to keep this in mind regardless of whether we win or lose on Tuesday night.  (And with Joe's thuggery I suspect this race is razor tight right now and Joe knows this.)

The grassroots (and netroots) and the people in this site have forever changed America for the better, well beyond 2006.

Follow the flip:

bigdavefromqueens :: You Should All Be So Proud
At the beginning I said that the biggest reason why this race was the most important race in the country is because of the opportunity to dramatically redefine (or properly define) what the words moderate and independent truly mean.  Because of the closeness of this race, those words are now way to the left of JOe Lieberman.  IN 2000, those words were defined as way to the right of JOe Lieberman.  You should all be proud of that.

You've sent a message that a bunch of individuals with no money but creative signs and floats can get a message out when the media tries to silence them.  You've energized people for decades to come.  You should be proud of that.

You've sent a message to Democrats across the country that no longer will it be acceptable to put the lobbyists ahead of their constituents.  You have probably changed who is going to be the next Democratic presidential nominee in 2008 and in this climate, you've probably will give America a great President.  You should be proud of that.

You've taken back the Democratic party from the special interests and revitalized the grass roots.  We will no longer be the party that sells out to corporations and the richest 1%.  We may disagree on guns, gays, and abortions but we will not abandon these pro middle class economic positions.  YOu should be proud of that.

You've changed the status quo in America.  YOu got the ball rolling in congressional House races.  Prior to your actions, Connecticut sent 3 Republicans to the US House.  By next year that number will probably be 0.  YOu made that happen.

Your actions in Connecticut sent a subtle message to the rest of America that Democrats mean business when you defeated Joe Lieberman on August 8th.  It told Democrats in the other 49 states that Democrats are serious about change.  And that message will bring millions of more people to the polls on Tuesday to vote for Democratic candidates.  You should be proud of that.

YOu've made people realize that the media in this country stinks and you've encouraged people to get their news from alternative sources or truthful sources.  Now, people are relying less on the Hartford Courant or their local CT TV station and more on the internet.  You should be proud of that.

I'm the guy from New York City who has credit card debts, student loans that will start coming due next yr, and a car with way too many miles on it.  I don't have Bloomberg's billions but I do have heart, brains, and integrity.  Initially I may have been motivated by the fact that I had no competitive statewide race to make a difference in (The only 2 times I volunteered for members of congress was in 1994 with an incumbent endangered and in 1996 to pickup a seat from a Republican) (And in both cases my candidate won.) but I soon realized how important this Senate race was for the reasons articulated ad nausea.

It's been a pleasure to help and I will hopefully see many of you over the next 4 days.  (I have to take a stupid MPRE exam tomorrow)  I'm proud of myself, proud of all of you, and proud of all of Ned's supporters.  I'll be most proud of all if we Retire Joe on Tuesday and send Mr. Lamont to Washington.

Thank you.

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Dave - A Question (4.00 / 2)
From way out west, I'm curious about something.

Why does Lieberman think that disruptive brownshirt campaign tactics will help his campaign?

Is it a voter suppression thing, or what?

What's your take on this?

I think... (4.00 / 1)
That maybe Lieberman is hoping that these tactics will get a rise out of us and hope that we do something stupid. He is hoping to get some soundbyte material he can feed to the media hordes IMHO. ("See what they do to me, the great Doh! Lieberman!")

Whatever his reasons are for running a Libergoon campaign, Joe is as wrong in this as he is wrong in the support of endless wars for profit.

Drinking Liberally in New Milford
ePluribus Media

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arrogance plus who he is catering too (4.00 / 2)
1.  JOe thinks he can do whatever he wants.  Laws are meant for others not him.  Fighting wars in Iraq are for someone else's children not his.

2.  A Lieberman loss will do more to damage the GOP (for the reasons about the center) than the loss of any other Republican senate seat.  So the people who are coming into the state are the hard core, violent, ultra right wing youth who realize the stakes. 

Joe Lieberman and George Bush believe that our govt should cut and run on capturing Osama Bin Laden so that Bush and the neocons could invade Iraq. Despite no Wmds and no links to 9/11, Lieberman supports that decision.

[ Parent ]
He also knows . . . (4.00 / 2)
the local media is afraid of him and won't show any of these tactics. As demonstrated yesterday.

I believe that time wounds all heels. -John Lennon

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This message is not just a few people........ (4.00 / 1)
I blog on many of the large national blogs.  People all around the country are as grateful as Dave to all of us who have worked so hard to get Ned this far!  ( Remember when he was 40 points behind back in the Spring?)

here is just one of the emails I received from one of the regular bloggers from DNC Kicking ass blog:

"You've already won. I hope you know that at some level. The fact that marquee Democrats campaigned for Lamont after he won the primary, some with great enthusiasm, shows that they understand that people like you and everyone else that supports Lamont can no longer be taken for granted.  The road to the White House is through us.  That's plain even to Hillary.

Joe is no longer a Democrat. He can continue to belittle Democrats and the Democratic party, but he'll look more like an outsider and a Republican when he does and the harm won't be as great. Chaffee was able to dissent from the GOP party line in big ways and always managed to do so without trashing his party.  Joe will appear more self-centered and opportunistic as the years go by if he is reelected because it's unlikely that he's going to change his ways.

So thanks for what you've done."

So my thanks to all of those too who have fought the fight!

I cannot believe that 84,000 newly registered voters in last 6 months, signed up because they wish to vote for Lieberman.  It is beyond fathom !  It is only the elderly who do not like change who are for Lieberman, or those of his same faith.  We can do this folks.

Just get out some people to the polls who may not have.  That elderly couple down the street, who you offer a ride to.  Those teenagers who registered, but then are too lazy to get out there.  The single mother next door who needs a babysitter while she runs over. 

PLEASE, keep it going.

Keep It Going No Matter What (4.00 / 1)
The important thing is ... no matter what ... we keep talking to each other. There are going to be a lot of big races coming down the pike. When we stay together, we have a mighty voice.

BigDavefromQueens, thanks for all your help, and keep your fingers crossed.

Here's my thank you (4.00 / 2)
I'm following the campaign from the Left Coast and I must say you are my light house, that beam of light coming across the continent that says we don't have to be in Iraq. We can bring the troops home to the hero's welcome they deserve. We don't have to stay on the side of death. Every death hurts. How many hands and feet lost? How many eyes? Ned Lamont cares. Lieberman doesn't.

Thank you, all the young people especially (anyone under 62). You are my hope. Please, even if the good people of CT don't come out for Ned as they should, please let's stay together. This is for the long haul, changing DC, the corrupt self-aggrandizing culture there, the failure to listen to the people. The betrayal of a Democratic CT election. We know their names. Let's keep to together and keep working. " I want my country back!"

Thank you all so much. Mary in Seattle

Well said. (4.00 / 1)
And I agree. This has been an incredible experience to be a part of. And, to see how involved people from around the country have been, is just awesome. There is a change in the air, even if Tuesday doesn't go our way. But, I'll say this again, I'm still hopeful . . .

I believe that time wounds all heels. -John Lennon

[ Parent ]
It's good to be hopeful... (4.00 / 1)
I was canvassing in Stamford today, knocking on doors, and didn't run into anyone who told me they were supporting Lieberman. Maybe it was just the neighborhood ... or my Ned Lamont buttons, but ...

On the other hand, I met a lot of folks who said they were happy to be voting for Ned. Anything can happen. It all depends on who shows up on Tuesday.

Keep calling friends and family in CT and tell them to go vote for Ned.


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We'll get 'em next time!! (0.00 / 0)
Moral victory this time, next time victory for real.  Joe will retire in 6 years and we'll get our candidate, be it Ned or somebody like Ned. 

Keep the faith. 

I'm Joe Lieberman (0.00 / 0)
and I approve Wamco's message

It's Morning in America. Too bad Reagan's not here to see it. - Me

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