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116 Reasons Not to Vote For Joe Lieberman (UPDATE)

by: bigdavefromqueens

Sun Sep 17, 2006 at 17:24:53 PM EDT

I've updated the list, leaving out many of the adjectives.  These are the talking points that provide the backdrop that this is about dozens of issues not just one.  However, continue focusing on the major issues.

The way Joe is going, I may hit 200 by the end of the month.

BTW somebody should start a long list of the reasons to Vote For Lamont.  Should easily have 50+ in no time.

bigdavefromqueens :: 116 Reasons Not to Vote For Joe Lieberman (UPDATE)
1. Joe Lieberman has been endorsed by the nastiest, most evil, and sickest person in America, Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter is on record as blaming Jews for the Holocaust, supporting the murder of billions of non-Christians, advocating murdering Supreme Court Justices, calling the Jersey girls harpies, and saying that her only regret about Timothy McVeigh is that he didn’t blow up the New York Times building.
2.  Lieberman believes right wing medical providers should be allowed to deny emergency  contraceptives to rape victims, callously says to rape victims "go to another hospital," effectively denying their ability to receivecontraceptive drugs."
3.  Lieberman gave 33 million dollars of public money to a pharmaceutical company a month after they hired his millionaire lobbyist wife Haddasah and put her on their board.
4.  Lieberman favored federal govt intervention with Terri Schiavo, then says politicians should not get involved.
, http://www.youtube.c...
5.  Sends Liebergoons to harass Ned Lamont’s family, then denies it, then said the Liebergoons were well behaved.
6.  Lieberman calls crazy right winger Glenn Beck a “good friend.”  Beck once stated “You know, it took me about a year to start hating the 9-11 victims’ families? Took me about a year.” Beck has also said he hates the Katrina  victims + fantasizes about burning blind people with hot coffee when they use Braille in public places. Lieberman goes on his show August 23.
http://mediamatters.... , http://transcripts.c...
7.  Lieberman voted to protect DuPont and Dow Chemical from lawsuits from producing defective medical implants.
8.  Lieberman supported weakening Social Security by raising age to 67, then tried to misrepresent his position.
9.  Lies - says Lamont is a one issue candidate when Lamont’s ads + website detail positions on dozens of issues.
10. Lieberman has at various times claimed Ned Lamont is a) far left b) an 80% Republican c) Just like Joe except on Iraq d) too liberal e)  too Republican.  f) a center-right Democrat.  g) out of the mainstream.
, http://nedlamont.com...
11. Lieberman told a voter that “being a senator I haven’t gotten much beyond the middle class.”  Millionaire Senator Joe Lieberman owns two homes and is worth several million dollars in assets.
12. Writes Wall Street Journal editorial glowing how wonderful Iraq is going then claims he was a staunch critic.
13. Lieberman supported middle class tax increases while simultaneously co sponsoring capital gains tax cuts. (They go together.)  Source: Excerpt from “In Praise of Public Life”, p.132-3 May 2, 2000
14. Lieberman was against affirmative action, then for affirmative action depending on his audience or election.
http://www.newmassme... http://www.hartford-... http://www.cnn.com/2... http://archives.cnn....
15. Lieberman flip flops on Iraq troop withdrawal timetable. Was against it, for it, against it.
http://www.opinionjo... , http://www.washingto...
16. Says ok to criticize a president on national security, (7/28/03)  then says not okay. (12/7/05) Now says he values  your right to disagree with Bush, him or anyone else.
17. For challenging and supporting incumbents in primaries, then against this proposition only when inconvenient.
18. Lieberman voted to sell out Seniors in Medicare by reducing their coverage and increasing their costs. http://www.senate.go...
19. Lieberman took money from Big Pharma and voted to gouge consumers on prescription drugs. http://salon.com/opi...
20. Lieberman takes money from Big Insurance then votes to put their corporate interests over people’s middle class  interests. http://www.rollingst...
21. Lieberman was against school vouchers, then supported education destroying school vouchers.
22. Lieberman hypocritically is against Hollywood producing pornography but accepted $16,200 in campaign contributions from pornography companies. http://www.citizensf...
23. Lieberman  favored private SS accounts, against private SS accounts.
24. Lieberman obstructed reform of corporate corruption, then supported it. http://www.ctgreens.... , http://www.wardsmyth...
25. Lieberman favored tax cuts for the wealthy in a time of war, then opposed them.
26. Lieberman was against litmus tests on Supreme Court nominees, then for them, then against them.  http://www.wardsmyth... http://en.wikipedia....
27. By not voting for cloture, Lieberman supported extremist Samuel Alito’s Supreme Court nomination. http://www.democrats...
28. Lieberman voted to help credit card companies gouge consumers with usurious interest rates.
29. Lieberman opposed domestic partner relationship benefits for people of Washington D.C.  http://en.wikipedia.... (Footnotes 52-55)
30. Lieberman undermined litigants by voting for tort regression restricting legitimate lawsuits.
31. Lieberman engaged in race baiting by sending goons to say “Al Sharpton democrat” in one neighborhood and  “country club Lamont” in another.
http://electioncentr... ,
32. Lieberman favors the egregious portions of the Patriot Act which undermine our Constitution and way of life.
33. As a member of the CT state Senate, Joe voted against creating living wills for people. http://www.salon.com...
34. He once joined forces with Jesse Helms to strip federal funding for schools that counseled suicidal gay teens. http://www.newmassme...
35. Delusionally called a solo fifth place finish in the NH primary a 3 way split decision for 3rd with Joementum.
36. Lieberman Co founded an organization with Lynn Cheney (American Council of Trustees and Alumni) designed  to engage in McCarthyite witch hunts against educators. http://www.commondre...
37. Lieberman refused to criticize Dick Cheney for supporting apartheid in South Africa.
38. Lieberman chaired religious extremist group with disgraced former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed. http://www.newmassme...
39. Now claims he and Republicans have mutual goal of investigating 9/11attacks but it was Republicans who have  refused that proper investigation.
40. Lieberman lied about Ned Lamont’s record in Greenwich, falsely claiming Ned cut education budgets.
41. Lieberman falsely claims Lamont hired a Republican state chair to run his campaign. Then after criticizing  Democrats for hiring Republicans for campaigns, Lieberman hires Republicans to run his campaign.
42. Lieberman voted to end cloture on an anti middle class bankruptcy bill thus allowing it to be passed. http://delong.typepa...
43. Lieberman continuously lies by implying Ned Lamont’s staff hacked his web site. http://www.politicst...
44. Lieberman voted to limiting damages auto accident victims could recover in a lawsuit.
45. Lieberman voted to protect the tobacco lobby from lawsuits in which people were killed. http://www.rollingst...
46. The overwhelming majority of Americans support strong labor protections in trade agreements (90%+) but not Senator for Sale Joe Lieberman.
47. Lieberman voted to prevent generic drugs from reaching the marketplace at a faster rate. http://www.rollingst...
48. He’s a delusional self serving, pontificating, pillar of pomp who talks out of 3 sides of his mouth.
49. Lieberman is not a centrist nor moderate. He’s Senator For Sale Joe Lieberman.
50. Senator For Sale Lieberman was the only Senator of either party from the Northeast to vote for Dick Cheney’s  energy bill which harms the environment.
51. Calls people who use national security issues for political purposes “un-American” in a speech in which he  falsely attacks Ned Lamont on national security issues for political purposes.
52. Lieberman actually stated, “I’m worried that too many people, both in politics and out, don’t appreciate the  seriousness of the threat to American security and the evil of the enemy that faces us — more evil, or as evil,  as Nazism and probably more dangerous than the Soviet Communists we fought during the long Cold War,”
53. Lieberman is now endorsed by racist and bigot Sean Hannity.  Sean Hannity has also endorsed  friends like Hal  Turner who has made vitriolic remarks such as “If it wasn’t for white people, blacks would still be swinging from  trees in Africa.” and “instead of fighting Muslims we should be rounding up Jews and killing  them in America.”  and “Jews are the lowest form of sub human garbage. They deserve to be killed.”
http://ctbob.blogspo... , http://www.adl.org/m...
54. Lieberman engaged in the swift boating of Ned Lamont by refusing to denounce 527s which falsely  portray Ned  Lamont as sympathetic to terrorists.
55. Lieberman piously denounced Bill Clinton for having consenting sex with an intern but remained silent when  George Bush’s lies killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.
56. Lieberman calls Al Sharpton a divisive and problematic figure in the Democratic Party after Al Sharpton  endorsed Ned Lamont.   A week prior to these remarks, Lieberman called Sharpton to ask for his endorsement.
57. Displaying dictatorial tendencies, Joe Lieberman became the first person to fairly lose an election and state “I  can not and will not let this result stand.” 
58. Hypocrite Joe criticized Lamont for being a self made millionaire while being a millionaire lawyer himself.
59.  Joe Lieberman missed 90% of his votes (36 of 40) on Medicare Part D.  http://www.myleftnut...
60. Lieberman agreed with rabid racist and hate mongering extremist Glenn Beck when Beck says that going into  Iraq was about “changing the face of Iraq” and that WMDs were “a nice side benefit.”
61. Unlike incumbent Democrat Cynthia McKinney and incumbent Republican Frank Murkowski, Sore Loser Joe  Lieberman is the only incumbent to lose in a primary to demand a “round two.”
62. According to Disabled American Veterans, Joe Lieberman had a lower voting score than every other Democrat in the Senate in 2006. http://www.americans...
63. Joe Lieberman was fined $739 in 2002 for underpaying his federal income taxes. http://en.wikipedia....
64. Acted as an apologist for the Abu Gharib torture during a Senate committee hearing in which Lieberman implied  that there should be no apology because there was no apology for 9/11.  (9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq)
65. Opposed adequate job training programs while simultaneously dismantling the welfare safety net.
66. Was the only democratic senator from a state that John Kerry carried to vote for Alberto Gonzales for AG.
67. Lieberman opposed allowing aggrieved patients to sue HMOs for punitive damages.
68. After receiving a 100% approval rating from the League of Conservation Voters 9 times from 1989 to 2002 on  environmental issues, Senator For Sale Lieberman  received an average score of 56 (F) from 2003-2005 http://www.vote-smar...
69. Lied about Lamont’s position on Iraq claiming Lamont favors immediate withdrawal which Lamont doesn’t.
70. Lieberman hypocritically criticized Lamont for spending money in the primary despite having outspent Lamont.
71. Lieberman voted against strong environmental protections in trade agreements.
72. Lieberman opposed universal health care for Americans.  47 million Americas do not have health care.
http://nedlamont.com... (as reported by Knight ridder and the Arizona Republic.
73. Voted to confirm Michael Heck of a Job Brownie as FEMA head. Then defended Brown after Katrina. http://www.tpmcafe.c...
74. Lieberman gave millions to the semiconductor industry after they bought him off.
http://www.reason.co... , http://www.sia-onlin...
75. Joe hypocritically says it’s wrong to dig through bank accounts during campaigns but demands such of Lamont.
76. Lieberman says in 2003 that Rumsfield should be replaced. Then he writes a May 2004 WSJ article explaining  why Rumsfield should keep his job and after a primary loss in 2006, flip flops back again.
77. Lieberman pledged to the archbishop of Hartford in 1988 that he would oppose abortion but as Senator voted  the opposite of his promise.
78. Lieberman linked a site with a picture of Osama Bin Laden wearing a Ned Lamont headband to his official  campaign blog.  Then hypocrite Joe blames unknown hackers for the links his staff posts.
79. Lieberman’s marchers and Liebergoons initiated violence at the Newtown Labor Day Parade, including pushing  a skinny man holding an 11 month old baby. http://www.youtube.c...
80. Lieberman hires phony GOP poll companies convicted of fraud to release phony poll data to the media.
81. Lieberman received millions of dollars of money in the democratic primary funneled to him by GOP donors.
82. Lieberman lied about a campaign ad in which he claimed a sunset was actually a sunrise.
83. Lieberman criticized Bill Clinton while Clinton was overseas talking with Boris Yeltsin about the war in the  Balkans. This is the same Joe Lieberman who complains when people criticize Bush while Bush is overseas.
84. Lieberman supported crazy, wild eyed radical John Bolton as UN Ambassador, now he is trying to avoid taking a position on this nominee.
85. Lieberman supports Bush administration’s Stalinist invasion into people’s privacy in violation of FISA act.
86. Joe Lieberman has the same Rove Swift Boaters running negative + dishonest ads about Ned Lamont. http://www.joe2006.c.... http://www.courant.c...
87. Lieberman supports big govt interference into what video games you can buy for your kids.
88. Lieberman continues to support the Iraq war despite the knowledge that Iraq had nothing to do  with 9/11, Iraq  had no WMDs in 2003, and that the invasion of Iraq only helped Osama Bin Laden + the terrorists.
http://www.opinionjo... , http://thinkprogress...
89. Joe Lieberman has been endorsed by crazy anti-Semitic, racist, jihadist evangelist Pat Robertson.
90. Lieberman has now been endorsed by Pro Concentration camp bigot Michelle Malkin, a person on the 1% fringe  of American politics. http://www.crooksand...
91. Lieberman has been endorsed by radical, divisive and partisan liar Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich served his first of  three wives with divorce papers while she lay in a hospital bed  undergoing cancer treatment.
http://www.realchang... , http://www.tpmcafe.c...
92. Joe Lieberman has been endorsed by radical neo-cons like Bill Kristol, David Brooks, and William Buckley.
, http://www.thenation...
93. Lieberman has been endorsed by falafel windbag Bill O’Reilly, a man who criticized World War II veterans for  fighting against SS troops.  O’Reilly calls  Mexicans as wetbacks. O’Reilly favors jailing + killing lawful and  non violent political enemies, and supports policies that would murder people solely for disagreeing with him.
http://thinkprogress... , http://en.wikipedia....
94. Lieberman is endorsed by the Hammer Tom Delay, an evil man who favors enslaving 11 year old girls as  prostitutes on the Northern Mariana Islands, Senator Rick Santorum, the most extreme member of the Senate  who once brought home a dead fetus and compelled his 3 children to play with the dead fetus, and extremist Dick  Cheney, a man who openly supported apartheid in South Africa. http://objectivejust... , http://www.santorume...
95. For years Joe Lieberman would not write back to his constituents.  This policy only changed prior to the  Democratic primary of 2006.
96. Selfishly, Joe Lieberman ran in two elections in 2000 thus jeopardizing Senatorial balance of power had Al Gore  not been robbed of Florida.
97. Lieberman deliberately spread lies about what Ned Lamont actually wrote to him in a 1998 letter about the  Monica Lewinsky affair in which pious Joe found Bill Clinton’s peccadilloes so morally offensive.  Lieberman  also violated ethic rules by releasing the contents of a constituent’s letter. http://www.nytimes.c...
98. Despite his willingness to send someone else’s child to die for a lie, Joe Lieberman holds the neo-con  chicken hawk record with 8, yes 8 deferments from Vietnam.
  http://www.myleftnut... (Via the New York Times)
99. Despite claiming to be a Senator who brings home the bacon, Connecticut ranks 49th out of 50th in terms of  money sent to Washington and money sent back to Connecticut.
100. Lieberman was willing to make SS “voluntary” (destroy it) then says he was the first person against it.
http://www.ourfuture...  http://lieberman.sen...
101. Lieberman claimed to have a 95% voting record but missed 31 of the 61 votes (51%) on Iraq. http://nedlamont.com...
102. Lieberman complained that it was unfair to criticize his missed votes in Congress despite having criticized  former Senator Weicker for the same thing.  For the record, Lieberman missed more votes than Weicker.
103. Lieberman voted against Clinton’s proposals to provide better and more accessible health care for Americans.
104. Lieberman voted to cut funding for the National Institute of Health.
105. Lieberman voted to make FEMA a part of the Dept. Of Homeland Security thus undermining FEMA’s ability to  rescue Americans in a disaster situation.
106. Joe Lieberman supported deregulations in the accounting industry which made it easier for Enron type scandals.
http://www.pbs.org/w... http://www.pbs.org/w...
107. Joe Lieberman has falsely attacked Ned Lamont’s wife for legitimate business deals. http://www.workingfo...
108. Joe Lieberman’s campaign might be the first ever to criticize a person simply for being a teacher. http://www.connpost....
109. Lieberman failed to cast a vote to increase homeland security funding for urban targets in 2003.  The measure was  defeated by a tie.  Had Joe Lieberman shown up to vote affirmatively, the measure would have passed. http://www.nedlamont...
110. Lieberman inaccurately claimed that Republicans had never filibustered a Democratic judicial nominee while  criticizing Democrats for filibustering Bush’s nominees. (A fraction of what the GOP filibustered under Clinton.)
111. Distrusting parents, Joe Lieberman supported efforts to censor TV shows.

112. Thousands of unnecessarily dead American troops in Iraq and tens of thousands more seriously injured. http://icasualties.o...
113. Joe Lieberman criticized “his opponent” for owning Halliburton stock while owning Halliburton stock. http://www.firedogla...
114. Joe Lieberman was properly criticized by the Anti Defamation League for espousing Taliban type views that the  ADL deemed “inappropriate and even unsettling in a religiously diverse society such as ours.” http://www.adl.org/C...
115. Lieberman insulted 20,000 troops in Afghanistan saying they were “not involved” in fighting the “war on terror.” http://nedlamont.com... 
116. Lieberman falsely blamed previous Presidents but not George W Bush for the 9/11 attacks that occurred under  George Bush’s watch. http://nedlamont.com...

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I know this would involve a load of work (4.00 / 1)
but could many, most, or all of these 116 points be turned into links to the source of the claims?  Or have links to the source appended?

I know that would involve a shitload of work, and probably wouldn't be worth all the time, but if you're ever bored or something...

|Spazeboy.net|Spazeboy's Guide to Political Videoblogging|

That's a great idea (0.00 / 0)
We could then send it around to all people in CT who are still on the fence thinking Joe's a good guy.

I'd be willing to help you find links if you feel like taking the project on.

[ Parent ]
yes need the help (0.00 / 0)
I've started with a few but do have work and school plus that thing called a bar exam in July.

Will try best, going to add a few links and edit the diary

Joe Lieberman and George Bush believe that our govt should cut and run on capturing Osama Bin Laden so that Bush and the neocons could invade Iraq. Despite no Wmds and no links to 9/11, Lieberman supports that decision.

[ Parent ]
Joe Lieberman / Glenn Beck (0.00 / 0)
Lieberman's Wall Street Journal editorial (0.00 / 0)

I will try and find some more links in the coming days.

# 92, endorsments Delay, Kristol, etc (0.00 / 0)
85 down, 31 to go (0.00 / 0)
I've also found more that I'm going to add and a couple of errors on my part which I've corrected.  (and if I find additional errors I'm unLieberman enough to simply admit my mistakes and correct them.)

What's left(15, 17, 18, 22, 24, 25, 26, 39, 40, 41, 46, 51, 54, 55, 56, 64, 65, 67, 69, 70, 71, 75, 76, 77, 78, 83, 88, 89, 95, 104, 105,)

Monday is no class night although I had an exhausting but fun day at work.  Plus my first class on Tuesday was cancelled so I don't have to get to school until later.  I'll probably have time to do a few more.

Joe Lieberman and George Bush believe that our govt should cut and run on capturing Osama Bin Laden so that Bush and the neocons could invade Iraq. Despite no Wmds and no links to 9/11, Lieberman supports that decision.

[ Parent ]
a little more help (down to 13) (0.00 / 0)
25, 39, 41, 50, 54, 56, 65, 70, 75, 76, 83, 95, 104,

I know I saw the stuff at some point, just need the documentation (and some sleep.)

Joe Lieberman and George Bush believe that our govt should cut and run on capturing Osama Bin Laden so that Bush and the neocons could invade Iraq. Despite no Wmds and no links to 9/11, Lieberman supports that decision.

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