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Lorenzo Sunflower interviews John Edwards

by: Sue

Fri Aug 18, 2006 at 11:26:03 AM EDT

Lorenzo Sunflower and his coworker, Scoop Doggie Dog were on their way to New Haven for a blogger's press conference with John Edwards and Ned Lamont. Because it was such an important occasion, they were allowed to take Ned's personal motorcycle.

"You get one scratch on this vehicle, and global warming won't soften these tusks," growled Harley, Ned's personal aide de camp.

"Take a chill pill, Harley. Listen, Lorenzo, you can't interview Mr. Edwards wearing a bow tie - you look like Tucker Carlson," said Scoop.

Sue :: Lorenzo Sunflower interviews John Edwards

"And why are you wearing a tin-foil hat?' asked Lorenzo.

"I do my homework," said Scoop.  "Since Mr. Edwards is a psychic, there are some things about my personal life I don't want him to know about."

"It's not that John Edward, you sap! This John Edwards was the Vice Presidential candidate with John Kerry! He's started the One America Committee where he deals with poverty, education, and minimum wage! His wife, Elizabeth has written a book!" Lorenzo replied.

"I knew that," Scoop said, changing his hat.

"Now you look like Matt Drudge," Lorenzo observed.

Arriving at Yale, the two intrepid journalists met up with their co-bloggers:

There was Gabe from Connecticut Local Politics and Maura Keaney from MyLeftNutmeg:

Also on the scene was Al Robinson a.k.a Connecticut Blogger of MyLeftNutmeg. "Still waiting to hear if Bill Finch is a real Democrat"? asked Lorenzo. "The poor guy, you really are making his life miserable."

Beau Anderson of Spazeboy and Keith Crane wanted to know how Lorenzo rated a ride on Ned's motorcycle. "When you've got it, guys, you get rewarded," Lorenzo puffed.

Lorenzo asked Tim Tagaris of Ned Lamont's blog for a TEENYSY honorarium for his work. "Hey, you got to drive Ned's retro-Italian cycle! Forget about it!" Deftly changing the subject, they discussed metadata and polling differentials. 

Spotted by the crew at CNN and feeling rather self-important, Lorenzo submitted to an interview, espousing on politics.

Unfortunately, his interviewer didn't know what a blog was. Lorenzo explained, "They are a form of communication and media. I compare them to a plant that grows by root expansion, like bamboo. Some people consider them almost invasive."

Scoop, in the meantime was frantically blogging with Paul Bass, each trying to beat the other to the story:

Paul got his in first at the New Haven Independent. "Oh, man, that was so unfair!" whined Scoop. "You don't have to type with paws!"

Suddenly, the room went silent - John Edwards walked it!  Even Lorenzo was awestruck.

Lorenzo was impressed with the fact that he knew about the importance of blogging. Mr. Edwards noted that, "This is the way democracy is supposed to work. Remember, most of the Democratic senators are supporting Ned Lamont. We have to show respect for the people that voted."

Lorenzo noticed that he was just a normal kind of guy, and the two got into a discussion about plants and the gardens Mr. and Mrs. Edwards were planning for their new home:

The two men talked with the bloggers for awhile. They discussed Hurricane Katrina, poverty, education and more issues than Lorenzo could remember.

(For a much more indepth coverage of the event, please see Guerrilla Vlogging: Ned and Edwards in New Haven] by mbair at Daily Kos).


Frank, another aide to Mr. Lamont, came in to tell the group that the larger rally was waiting outside.

Scanning the room, Lorenzo noted that members of the mainstream media were noticeably absent. However, Sue "Steno" Haigh of the A.P. cornered Scoop. He felt like he was in a Cheech and Chong movie:

"Where's Joe," she asked.

"Joe's not here, man," he replied.

"There's nothing to write about. Where's Joe?"

"Joe's not here, man."

Outside at the rally, Lorenzo felt that wonderful surge of good old American patriotism. "This is what people-powered politics is all about," he thought.

John Edwards reminded the crowd, "We have two responsibilities here, to advance the interests of America, and to advance the interests of the world. This administration is not doing that. So remember what I said in my campaign; NOT ON OUR WATCH!"

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