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Lorenzo Sunflower attends WakeUp Walmart rally

by: Sue

Wed Aug 02, 2006 at 15:26:09 PM EDT

"Why is it that whenever I wear these Walmart pants, my butt-crack shows?" complained Haddynuff Bear.

Haddy, who worked as a painter, Walmart employee and Ned Lamont volunteer was helping Lorenzo Sunflower make some signs for the upcoming WakeUp Walmart rally in Bridgeport. Ned Lamont, along with Senator Lieberman were scheduled to appear.

Sue :: Lorenzo Sunflower attends WakeUp Walmart rally
Arriving at the rally, Haddy and Lorenzo teamed up with the Connecticut bloggers.

  "Guys, don't look now, but there's an army of paid LieberYouth here. We're outnumbered 30 to 1," noted Lorenzo.

"Not to worry, we make up for it in age, experience, savvy, and age, " said Connecticut Bob. "Here, let me give you a hand to get a photo-op with Joe. I hope he doesn't choke, especially when he sees his van parked next to the Kiss Float."

"Yeah, word is out that Joe is going to cancel all his appearances today," said Haddy.  "Nice sign, CTKeith! Now, what exactly is Joe afraid of?"

"Reality," they replied in unison.

"Look at that guy in a banana suit," commented Lorenzo. "Excuse me, Chiquito,  it's over 100 degrees today.  I can hook you up with a good shrink. Don't thank me - anything for a plant."

"Are we ready, guys? Together!  FORWARD!" yelled Lorenzo.

Wading into the sea of white t-shirted LieberYouth, the intrepid bloggers mixed with the masses of well-paid young people.  Lorenzo noticed the workers were reading their signs with interest.

"How did you know we were being paid to be here?" they asked.

"What letter didn't Joe sign with the rest of the Democrats asking for a phased redeployment?" they wanted to know. "Joe took Walmart PAC money? How much?" they asked.

Lorenzo was always happy to help educate the youth of today. 

Escaping from some gentleman who tried to convince him (incorrectly) that Joe had returned Walmart money, Lorenzo spotted Aldon Hynes.

"Let's thank Matt Stoller for buying us some water."

"But I can't reach it. Tom, Tom Swan, please........lift me up.....AHHHHH!!"

Lorenzo recouped when he spotted Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake.com hiding from the crowd:

"So, would you like to come up and see my etchings? Lorenzo asked. "I'm a Leo. What sign are you?"

After the rally, everybody was being interviewed by TV reporters. Channel 3 aimed a camera at Lorenzo. His big moment! Fame at last!

Unfortunately, he spied the Kiss Float ambling north up Main Street, with his camera case and bag still in the front seat. "WAAAAIIIIIITTT UUUUPPP, GUYS,!!!!!!!!" he yelled, taking off at top speed.

"Well," he panted, "They'll smell Haddy's ham and mayo sandwich after a few days."  

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