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I guess every once and a while even pigs can fly

by: ctblogger

Thu Jan 24, 2013 at 16:18:42 PM EST

This will probably be the only time I will praise John Rowland but you have to give the man credit for calling out Martha Dean on her bullshit.
In an extraordinary radio interview that aired Wednesday afternoon, former Republican Gov. John Rowland, now host of a drive-time talk show on WTIC, relentlessly grilled Martha Dean, the former Republican nominee for attorney general who had posted a Sandy Hook truther video on her Facebook page.


But Rowland, a surprisingly nimble and aggressive interviewer, spent most of the time trying to pin down exactly why Dean thought it was a good idea to post a video that casts doubt about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that claimed the lives of 20 children and six educators.


Dean is a lawyer and Rowland is not, but he continually pressed her when her answers were vague and rambling.

Here's one example:

Dean: "Let me just say the assumption that the parents are harmed by people who want to get to the truth-they have the same interests, they want to get to the truth, they want to now what really happened in Sandy Hook...so we as a people and a government-"

Rowland: "You don't think the parents know what happened at Sandy Hook?"

Dean: "Why? No."

Rowland: "You don't think the parents of these children know what happened at Sandy Hook?"

Dean: "Why. Why it happened."

Rowland: "Of course the why. The investigation will be going on for months."

Dean:  "But that's what I'm saying. Just like we had everyone in the state participate and to vote on what kind of capitol we want - that's how we have our capitol building, we should have everyone put their questions down and there should be a repository of questions. If people are offended by them then nobody's tagged with these questions, put them all down, get them to the investigators...because many of us have experience-"

Rowland: "So what questions do you think are not...the conspiracy thing and all of the hoax video-"

Dean: "Forget conspiracy. I want to know....who he was talking to online? Because that is..."

Rowland: "All that stuff is going to come out, but how does posting this hoax conspiracy video get to that?"

Dean: "I'll show you. So, for example, the man in the woods. I want to know how he got into the school. I want to know-"

Rowland: "He didn't get into the school."

Dean: "He didn't get into the school?"

Rowland: "He was a guy in the woods, they grabbed him, they questioned him, and let him go, everyone knows that."

Dean: "No no no how Adam Lanza got into the school with his firearms."

Rowland: "We know-that's already been reported. He blasted his way through the front door."

Dean also took issue with Rowland's repeated referral to the "hoax video."

Dean: "You call it a hoax video, I call it a video raising questions, some of them are offensive."

Rowland: "So name one question that's legitimate."

Dean: "Did the guy in the woods who's running away in camouflage...could [he] have been a shooter from outside and so Adam Lanza could have been inside while somebody else is working from outside through a window or whatever and we don't know the answers to these questions.

"But I want to know who was Lanza in touch with, what medication was he on. We know that their are medications that change behavior. It's been proven with these cases of people who are cannibalistic......they're on drugs, how could a human do that? ... who kills their own mother, especially a good mother, drugs can do that."

Rowland: "The video goes so far beyond any of that. They questioned whether the parents were even lying about their children being dead....the suggestions are all over the place that this was a movie set, the suggestions all over the place that the government wanted this to happen."

Dean: "I don't endorse any of that."

Rowland: "So what do you endorse from the movie?"

Dean: "I endorse asking questions and I endorse asking questions that go beyond what the media are asking, and go beyond the questions that perhaps the investigators are asking and trying to get those questions together in some central place..."

Rowland: "Do you think the video is cruel to the families of those victims, yes or no?"

Dean: "I think there are aspects of it that are hurtful and thats why I apologize for posting it even for general discussion purposes."

But, Dean added, "you know there are many things that are cruel that are out on the nightly news. You wouldn't want to see a murder of your son or husband in Benghazi
and yet there's full video footage of the horror that occurred in Benghazi online."

Rowland: "So you're comparing the mainstream media with a conspiracy hoax video?"

Dean: "I'm saying in an investigation where we're trying to get to the facts, it is a very uncomfortable process and it makes the victim feel more victimized."

I just listened to the interview and after hearing Dean's ramblings, it's crystal clear that the former Republican candidate for Attorney General is a lunatic...and we have John Rowland to thank for exposing the stupid.
ctblogger :: I guess every once and a while even pigs can fly
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Rowland sticking up for the Mainstream Media? Priceless! :-) I don't know anything about the video mentioned in this Diary, but here's roughly what the MSM did tell us (and there's more, but for the sake of brevity):

There was one shooter, there were two shooters, no there were three shooters, no there was just one shooter, there was a purple van with the back window shot out and the fellow driving it was arrested in a nearby town, no, no, that is not right, there was just one shooter with two handguns, no, four handguns, no, no it was a Bushmaster .223, but no, that gun was out in the car, no it wasn't, yes it was, stay tuned and the State Police Sergeant will give you the official story and tell you that to say anything to the contrary on social media will result in your arrest, but wait, wasn't Brian Lanza the shooter?, no, that was yesterday, today it is Adam Lanza who had Brian Lanza's identification, I guess his driver license didn't have a picture, but wait, he hadn't seen his brother in three years, and so forth...

The whole thing would be so entertaining if it wasn't for the fact that people died.

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." ~ Mark Twain

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