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Thursday roundup

by: ctblogger

Thu Jan 10, 2013 at 17:06:43 PM EST

The latest...

  • Gov. Malloy's latest appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe focused on gun control.

  • Only in Bridgeport!
    Christina Ayala, a broad smile affixed, was formally sworn in and seated as a member of the state House of Representatives from Bridgeport on Wednesday.


    She arrived in Hartford under the cloud of two arrests and an elections probe.

    Ayala was arrested for a hit-and-run collision in August just hours after winning her Democratic primary. There were two minors in the car with Ayala at the time.

    Then in December, she and her boyfriend were arrested following a domestic dispute.


    Ayala is also being investigated by the state Elections Enforcement Commission for possible voter fraud. The EEC was concerned about reports by Hearst Connecticut Newspapers that Ayala for at least the past year has been living in the 129th District even though she voted in the 128th District and claimed to have an apartment there in campaign documents.


    Ayala and her family -- mother Santa Ayala is Bridgeport's Democratic registrar; father, Tito a Democratic power broker in town -- have refused to shed light on the residency question for Hearst.


    Ayala also declined Wednesday to answer questions about where she has been living. She said she is cooperating with the EEC.

  • ...and another gem from the state's largest city.
    Two more soldiers in "Ernie's Army" complained Tuesday that state Senate hopeful Ernest E. Newton II was MIA when it came time to pay them.

    "Even though he lost the election, he should still have to pay us what he owes us," said Anna Gonzalez, who was hired with her friend, Mary Misciuch, to help voters fill out absentee ballot applications. "He told us he was going to pay us $8 an hour to get absentee ballot applications signed for him and we haven't seen one cent."

    But Newton insisted Tuesday he doesn't even know who the women are.

    "I don't know anything about that, I didn't hire anybody," he said. "Everybody was paid as far as I know."

    But 10 minutes after Newton talked to the Connecticut Post, Gonzalez said she was called by an aide to Newton she knows only as Charlie who warned her she and Misciuch would never get paid if they continued to talk to the media.

  • This is why everyone should have phone tracking software installed on their smartphones (of course, iPhones cone equipped with "Find My Phone" as part of the operating system).
ctblogger :: Thursday roundup
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