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Elizabeth Esty seeks "common ground" with pro-gun GOP supporter of the Castle Doctrine?

by: ctblogger

Wed Dec 26, 2012 at 15:02:35 PM EST

Elizabeth Esty is not even sworn into office and it appears that she's already channeling her inner Joe Lieberman

"I'm taking a lot of notes and trying to use the time when we're not in session to talk with other members and particularly to reach out across the aisle,'' she said. Most of the attendees are Democrats, but Esty, who represents a district notable for its political diversity, said she has made it a point to seek out Republicans.

"I really think it's tremendously important that the new Congress work very hard to find some areas of bipartisan agreement,'' she said.

...and one of Esty's soon-to-be Republican BFF?

One of the Republicans Esty has sought out is Congresswoman-elect Susan Brooks of Indiana. Like Esty, Brooks has grown children. They both represent districts that contain a mix of manufacturing towns, growing suburbs and rural areas.

"We're finding we have a lot in common,'' Brooks said. "It's easier to work together when you get to know people in the way we're getting to know each other."

Esty and Brooks have a lot in common? Let's take a look at Brooks' stance on issues:
Obamacare:  Obamacare should be repealed and replaced with common-sense, free-market policies.

Passage of the federal health care law as written was a mistake.  This new, ill-conceived legislation with additional regulations and costs is killing jobs and accelerating our country towards bankruptcy. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that Obamacare is costing us $1.5 trillion and will cause a loss of 800,000 jobs.

With an increased cost to businesses, some businesses have to choose whether to pay for health care or make employee payroll.  Oftentimes, it is cheaper to pay the fine and keep their current amount of employees rather than pay for health insurance. This phenomenon may cause many Americans to lose their current insurance.
Research from McKinsey and Company shows that up to 78 million Americans will lose their current employer-based insurance.  In addition, health care costs are expected to increase by $90 billion during 2010 to 2021.

We should repeal the law and replace it with common-sense, free-market policies that allow individuals to decide where their health care dollars are spent.  We need a solution that actually solves America's health care challenges rather than one that creates more.

And there is this goodie which should raise the eyebrows of those who are calling for the reintroduction of the assaults weapons ban...

...as well as those who think that shoot first self defense laws that is currently being used as a justification for the killing of Trayvon Martin are insane.
2nd Amendment Rights:  I am a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment.
I believe in the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.  I support federal legislation that would create a national Castle Doctrine, which would give all Americans the right to defend themselves against intruders in their own homes.  I will oppose any federal legislation that seeks to undo or preempt Indiana's concealed carry laws and lifetime handgun permits.

And don't me started on Brooks' desire to dismantle Social Security as we know it.

So to recap, Esty is going out of her way to find "common ground" with a Republican who ran a campaign on her desire to have Obamacare repealed, supporting idiotic "shoot first, ask questions later" laws such as thethe Castle Doctrine, and has offered resistance towards meaningful gun control measures such as the assault weapons ban. What's next? Esty seeking "common ground" with Republicans who are against Paid Sick Leave and Democrats who offer up Republican-Light budget proposals?

If her relationship with Democrats at the State Capitol is any indication of things to come, following Esty for the next two years should be interesting...

ctblogger :: Elizabeth Esty seeks "common ground" with pro-gun GOP supporter of the Castle Doctrine?
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Common Ground (3.00 / 1)
Okay I understand tough districts and all, but the previous representative seemed to be able to navigate the area fairly well while remaining true to his party platform planks. I am pretty sure if I had wanted a Republican I had that option on the ballot.  

Reaching out (0.00 / 0)
Note that Congresswomen Esty never said that she was trying to find agreement on issues with Republicans.  

Instead, Esty talked about personal, family-related matters that she had in common with Republican wingnut Susan Brooks.  She has learned that getting to know Republicans on a personal level is the first step to working with them later to achieve compromise on matters and getting things done.

Nowhere in your post did she use the phrase "common ground" nor did she mention compromising her positions on Obamacare, gun control, or the Castle Doctrine.

Many others in DC have learned and used to their advantage the concept of reaching out to those across the aisle early on, to make it easier to work with them later on.  Examples include Senator Ted Kennedy and Speaker Tip O'Neill.

If Esty actually does compromise Democratic values in Washington, then PLEASE nail her.  But until then, stop trying to make it appear that she's selling out based on something she never actually said.

Her record as a state legislator (4.00 / 2)
had plenty of "selling out" in it.If you need evidence of her propensity to selling out I suggest you click on the last three links in ctbloggers post.

The best way to Keep any politician from repeating bad habits is to let them know your watching and that's exactly what this ctblogger post is doing.  

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