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Enough is enough

by: ctblogger

Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 13:26:58 PM EST

Enough is enough!

As a former resident of Sandy Hook, it's clear to me that the media has worn out it's welcome in my former neighborhood and it's time for them to pack up their gear and leave.

Message from John Voket, associate editor of The Newtown Bee, to the New England Newspaper & Press Association:

Despite repeated requests by many victims' families, First Selectman Pat Llodra, and our local and state law enforcement agencies, a growing number of incidents have been occurring as I write this Monday morning involving reporters and media crews invading the yards and space of grieving survivors, school staff and responders.

I fully acknowledge that some of these were initially invited as shock set in, or as part of the process working through their immediate grief by communicating to the world stories of heroism and tragedy they were hearing from children and other survivors. But I have been asked by officials and some victims to remind your correspondents that most are still requesting to be left alone.

The British media reinforces the notion that they have no shame (regardless if they received the permission of a parent to interview A CHILD)...
Nine-year-old Nicholas Sabillon was remarkably composed as he recounted how the Connecticut gunman tried to get into the room where he was hiding.

He shouted "Let me in, let me in!" said Nicholas, who was interviewed with his parents Jose and Sherry.

When the first shots rang out at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, music teacher Maryrose Kristopik ushered Nicholas's class into a large closet and quickly locked the door. "We held onto the instruments to not make any noise," said Nicholas, who clutched a gong.

"We were all really scared and then we prayed... Miss Kristopik gave us all lollipops. We thought it would be our last snack.

In America, some media outlets are just as pathetic.
While social networks have made it easier for journalists to find and contact potential sources, it's also made the hardest part of the job even harder. Those delicate interactions, what used to be just two humans figuring out what feels right, often occur over the cold distance of electronic communication and in full view of the public.

Look, for example, at what happened to ABC News editorial producer Nadine Shubailat on Friday when she reached out to a man who tweeted that he had a friend with a daughter in kindergarten at Sandy Hook Elementary, where a deadly shooting had just occurred.

...and this.
About 75 minutes after Pjatak tweeted a link to a photograph of her unnamed, deceased cousin,  New York Times Metro reporter Sam Dolnick responded.

"Kayla, my deepest condolences. Such a terrible day," Dolnick tweeted, including his email address. "I'm with the New York Times. Can I speak with you?"


Luiz Gomez, a producer for the "Newsbreaker with David Begnaud" YouTube show, approached Pjatak less than ten minutes lated. "I just stumbled upon this photo," he wrote. "Very sorry for your loss. I'm w/ Newsbreaker. I'd like to learn more about her."

Maybe I'm being a tad bit sensitive here but these people are my neighbors and friends. In my opinion, in their zest to get the story, the media overload in Newtown and Sandy Hook is getting ridiculous.

As someone who knows the area, I could go into town and fill the memory card on my video camera with interviews but out of respect and common decency, I refuse to do what so many in the media are doing to residents right now.

Enough is enough, please leave people ALONE so they can grieve in peace.

My .02.

ctblogger :: Enough is enough
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Enough is enough | 5 comments
Yes! (0.00 / 0)
My God, leave the community alone to grieve in peace.  Asking to get interviews with little kids is beyond indecent.

As long as they can sell one more advertisement (4.00 / 1)
using the good folks of Newtowns misery they will continue this.They'll only move on when a new shinery object or subject they can scare the public with is there to take the place of this one.That's how it works.

Brings back memories of August 2006 (0.00 / 0)
I'll never forget my disgust when the national media and bloggers descended on CT to cover Lamont beating Lieberman (and how fast they packed their bags and left the area once the race became "unsexy."

It was at that moment when I decided never to become a part of that ilk...best blogging decision I ever made.  

[ Parent ]
I wasn't disgusted at all (4.00 / 1)
because that's exactly what we worked our asses off to make happen.We knew the MSM would have nothing else to cover in the dog days of August of 2006 and reeled them into Ct for our advantage like the frenzying sharks they are.The only disappointment I had was when I realized just how damn stupid most of those "Professional Journalist" really are and how easily they are to put on a leash and walk around.

[ Parent ]
Enough is enough | 5 comments
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