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Election day 2012 live blog

by: ctblogger

Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 13:00:26 PM EST

10:35 PM: Look, I'll make this easy. Elizabeth Esty won the 5th CD race. There is NO way Andrew Roraback can make up ground as the city votes are coming in. I don't know what the state pundits are waiting for since anyone can get the unofficial results for the big cities...I knew Esty won Danbury by 3k votes over an hour ago!

Obviously I had my problems with Esty but that being said, the election is over and the seat is still blue. I hope that she works for the good of the district (while not stabbing the Democratic Party in the back).

10:30 PM: (TWITTER) @NewsTimes: With 25 of 42 towns in 5th District in, Esty leads 88,407 to Roraback's 81,801. #ctpolitics

10:18 PM: Esty has a real chance in winning the #ct05 race when you factor in her margin of victory in cities that are not officially calculated (i.e. Esty won Danbury by about 3k votes).

10:20 PM: STATE REP 109: Democrat David Arconti crushed Republican Andrew Wetmore 60% to 40%.

10:15 PM: Obsitnik concedes to Jim Himes!

10:00 PM: (TWITTER) @BrettCodyCT: Len Suzio (R) has conceded to Senator-elect Dante Bartolomeo (D) in CT's 13th state Senate District.

9:53 PM: (TWITTER) @CTMirror: McMahon has called Murphy to concede, she'll speak at 10. #CTSen #CTElection #CTVote

9:50 PM: Roraback 29,582 (53%), Esty 26,703 (47%) 27 percent reporting.

9:40 PM: AP calls it for Landslide Joe Courtney!

9:30 PM: From Register-Citizen (Twitter):

Early word is that Roraback has won Simsbury by about 500 votes. Murphy won that town by 500 in 2010. #CT5

9:20PM: CT05 race: Roraback still holding lead over Esty.

9:00 PM: NBC declared Elizabeth Warren the winner in the US Senate race in MA over Scott Brown!!!!

8:55 PM: CT-05 race (8 percent reporting)

Roraback: 10,013 (54%)
Esty: 8,412 (46%)

8:45 PM: MERIDEN RECORD-JOURNAL: "Meriden Democrats declare victory for Abercrombie in 83rd District race"

UPDATE (8:35 p.m.): Democrats have declared victory for incumbent state Rep. Catherine Abercrombie in the 83rd District race, based on unofficial numbers coming into party headquarters.

8:40 PM: AP calls the 1st and 3rd district race for Larson and DeLauro.


8:25 PM You can now call him Junior Senior-Elect Chris Murphy!!!!!!!

8:08 PM: NBC states that U.S. Senate race to early to call but Chris Murphy is in the lead.

8:05 PM: NBC calls the U.S. Senate race too early to call.

8:03 PM: NBC projects that President Obama as the winner in Connecticut.

7:55 PM: Polls close in 5 minutes. Results will be posted ASAP.

Provide your voting experience (if possible, make a note of the counter number on the voting machine when you cast your ballot).

If you're using Twitter, use the #ctelection2012 and/or #ctpolitics hashtag.

ctblogger :: Election day 2012 live blog
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Good riddance to both of them (0.00 / 0)
Joe & Linda - GONE!

Yes (0.00 / 0)
Good riddance, Joe! The only downside is that by chickening out of running, we didn't get to kick his sorry ass out.

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off you go, Joe (0.00 / 0)
Off to your cushy job at Lockheed-Martin or wherever.

anyway, it's nice to be on the winning team for once.  

"There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning." - Warren Buffet

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