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Look out Mark Boughton, you have competition!

by: ctblogger

Wed Jan 25, 2012 at 09:18:43 AM EST

(bumped to the top... - promoted by ctblogger)

If you're disgusted by the racist comments from the Mayor of East Haven, PLEASE join the Facebook page calling for the resignation of Jospeh Maturo

Look out Mark Boughton! When it comes to your well-deserved title as the state's most racially insensitive mayor, it looks like you have competition from East Haven.


When pressed with the issue again about tensions in the Latino community and a police force with no Latino representation, the mayor scoffed at the facts.

"And your point being?" he said.

When asked about his plans for outreach in the Latino community, Maturo quipped with a racially-charged response.

"I might have tacos when I go home. I'm not quite sure yet," he mockingly responded.

Maturo later attempted to soften the insult by adding that he's visited Puerto Rico, and since he's Italian he may have spaghetti.

The mayor later tried to apologize for his comments, claiming his response to a simple question was taken "out of context."

Writer Dan McCann for the blog The East Haven Vine said it best...
WPIX in New York, a station I watched for many years sent their reporter Mario Diaz to Town Hall to interview Mayor Maturo and when he asked the Mayor what he plans on doing for the Latino Community today, Joe Maturo responded "I might have Tacos when I go home." he then tried to catch his idiotic statement by babbling like a fool but it showed Joe Maturo's arrogance and immaturity to hold command of the highest office in East Haven.

That comment was an insult not only to the Latino Community but all residents of the Town of East Haven. It was uncalled for, inresponsible and wreckless and I call on the Town Council to immediately ask for Joe Maturo's resignation. It is clearly evident that Joe Maturo's judgement and perception of what has happened today is in question. It's time for the Chairman of the Town Council to invoke the powers of Office of Mayor until a Special Election can be held in 3 months where we can get some responsible leadership at the helm that can perform during a crisis.


Most recent updates are on top...

UPDATE (11:00 PM): Englehart

This guy is rotten, all right. Rotten to the core, and the people who voted for him are equally rotten. The previous Mayor April Capone (the polar opposite of Joe Maturo) got beat by this clown by 34 votes last year. In her term in office, she tried her best to clean up the police department. Hell, she even donated a kidney to a complete stranger!

The East Haven Racists (I capitalize it because I think they're organized enough to become the town's main political party) couldn't abide her fine qualities and they kicked her to the curb and plopped Maturo into the position.

I think it's time to play hardball with East Haven, or, as it's known, "Stayven." I don't know what screws can be turned to punish the town, but there must be some. This can't be allowed to continue. I've never seen a Connecticut town as morally corrupt as Stayven. They bring dishonor, shame, and disgust upon all citizens who live there.

UPDATE (10:00 PM): Connecticut Hispanic Democratic Caucus joins the chorus calling for Maturo to resign.
We, the Connecticut Hispanic Democratic Caucus (CHDC) call for Mayor Joe Maturo's resignation over his baldly racist and ethnocentric comment regarding Latinos in the wake of the FBI arrest of four East Haven policemen suspected under a Department of Justice investigation of targeting Latinos with unlawful searches and seizures, traffic stops and allegations of physical abuse.

Mayor Maturo showed his true colors today and leaves no doubt that he is not capable of leading the City of East Haven.  All of East Haven's residents-Latino and non-Latino-deserve better.

"Joe Maturo didn't just cross the line, he destroyed any pretense of a line.  His "apology" rings hollow and certainly not sincere.  He should resign immediately unless he  can demonstrate to the residents of East Haven that he can be a Mayor to all, including Latinos." said Tomas Reyes, Jr. Chair of the CHDC.  "Rather than dismiss serious allegations regarding discriminatory and potentially dangerous actions by the East Haven Police Department, the Mayor should be addressing future corrective behavior.  Maturo has sunk to a new low.  The Latino community is rightfully aghast and appalled by this Mayor's actions", expressed Mr. Reyes.

UPDATE (7:00 PM): Want to let Mayor Maturo know how you feel about his idiotic comment...send him a Taco (at Reform Immigration FOR America's expense)!

Yesterday, 4 police officers in East Haven, CT were arrested for repeatedly abusing Latinos in their community. Immediately afterward, Mayor Joseph Maturo was interviewed by a radio station and asked what he would do to help Latinos living in fear in his community.

Mayor Maturo said: "I might have tacos when I go home, I'm not sure yet."

Tell Mayor Maturo we won't stand for racial profiling and public displays of ignorance by our elected officials. Text TACO to 69866 and we'll send a taco to Mayor Maturo's office this week.

UPDATE (6:45 PM): CNN and MSNBC picked up on the story!

CNN (watch what the mayor had to say about his comment when pressed by CNN:


One blunder on top of another?

The mayor of East Haven, Conn., came under a torrent of criticism Wednesday for telling a TV reporter "I might have tacos" when asked about how he would support the Latino community in the aftermath of the arrest of four town police officers accused of racially profiling and bullying Latino residents.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy called Mayor Joseph Maturo's comments "repugnant" and "unacceptable." An attorney for some Latinos suing the town police department called the comments "appalling." Some residents said the mayor should step down.


Maturo did not return a telephone call from msnbc.com for additional comment.

UPDATE (6:30 PM): The pile on continues...

Senator Richard Blumenthal:

"The unacceptable comments by Mayor Maturo are both a disservice to East Haven and appallingly disrespectful to the Latino community and all democratic values. The indictment contains allegations that are serious and significant, and should be resolved promptly and impartially, without prejudicial and damaging remarks."

Congresswoman Rosa Delauro:
"I am appalled by the comments made by East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo yesterday. His comments have no place in a civil society and they do not reflect the values of the good residents of East Haven. Mayor Maturo has insulted the Latino community in Connecticut. I am very disappointed by Mayor Maturo's comments and am glad that he has apologized for these insensitive remarks."

UPDATE (2:00 PM): East Haven Democratic Town Committee chairman Gene Ruocco issued the following statement calling for Maturo to resign.
As a result of yesterday's events, which included an extremely offensive comment made during an interview with WPIX News Reporter Mario Diaz, the East Haven Democratic Town Committee Chairman is demanding the resignation of Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr., effective immediately.

"Maturo's comment (I might have tacos when I go home) goes to the root of the racial profiling allegations here in East Haven", said Gene Ruocco. "Everyone knows the seriousness of this matter and for him, as the leader of our community, to say something so utterly insensitive is a complete disgrace. He should be ashamed of himself."

"Since his return to office, the town has actually gone backwards. Maturo's actions have served only to benefit himself and the people he brought back with him", said Ruocco. "Bringing back Gallo without regard to the results of the extensive investigation performed by the Capone Administration, hiring his personal lawyer, Frank Kolb to be the Town's Labor Attorney, and thumbing his nose at authorities while completely dismissing the enormity of the ongoing federal investigations are all examples of his lack of leadership during what is unquestionably one of the most critical times in the Town's history."

"The town's people were duped by Joe Maturo and his lies.  It's time for him to do the honorable thing and step down."

Read archived updates below the fold...
ctblogger :: Look out Mark Boughton, you have competition!
UPDATE (1:00 PM): Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra said the following:

As Mayor, I stand strongly behind the men and women who protect and serve our city and encourage our residents to work as partners toward the best interests of our communities.

That cannot happen if accusations of discrimination are dismissed and disregarded. Many have worked diligently to correct the painful history of racism in this country, and Mayor Maturo's comments are a disappointing example of how far we still have to go to.

UPDATE (12:50 PM): The story is spreading across the nation like wildfire. Talking Points Memo joins in...

UPDATE (12:45 PM): Hartford Courant editorial entitled "The Mayor Is An Idiot"

For those who are wondering why the East Haven Police Department is out of control, one possible explanation is that Mayor Joseph Maturo is an idiot.

What other possible explanation is there for Mr. Maturo's comments Tuesday night following the arrest of four East Haven police officers on a long list of charges for often brutally violating the civil rights of Latinos? A New York television reporter asked Mr. Maturo what he was doing for the Latino community. (See the interview, by all means, at http://www.courant.com.) A moderately sentient public official in such a circumstance might say that he planned to meet with leaders of the community to apologize for the officers' behavior and ask them to join him in making changes to prevent such unacceptable conduct.

Mr. Maturo responded by saying that he that he might go home and have tacos for dinner. He then rambled on with marginal coherence about other ethnic groups, mentioning his own Italian heritage ("I might have spaghetti"). We would bet that Italian Americans who've seen the video cringed. Reaction to Mr. Maturo's spectacularly insensitive remarks was swift and appropriate. Gov.Dannel P. Malloycalled the comments "repugnant" and "unacceptable," and other government and civil rights leaders echoed his thoughts.

Mr. Maturo doesn't speak for Italian Americans, most East Haven residents or state residents, but he managed to embarrass all of us. His pathetic attempt at an apology doesn't wash. He ought to resign.

UPDATE: 12:35: The story continues to gain national attention with The Huffington Post jumps in on the controversy.

UPDATE (12:15 PM): As the drumbeat for Maturo to resign continues, more people commenting on the East Haven Mayor's idiotic remarks.

State House Speaker Chris Donovan (via Twitter)

Speaker Donovan: East Haven Mayor Maturo's comments are completely abhorrent and have no place in our civil discourse.

UPDATE (12:00 PM): Seems like East Haven's idiotic mayor is getting the national attention he deserves.
Taegan Goddard Political Wire wonders if Maturo is the "Dumbest Mayor Ever?". Obviously, they haven't been to Danbury...

UPDATE (11:00 AM): A Facebook page calling for Mayor Maturo to Resign was started today...

UPDATE (10:30): Congressman Chris Murphy piles on...

Apologizing to people who might have been offended is not an apology, Mayor Maturo. Try again.

UPDATE (10:20): Coward...(Fox61's Anthony DiLorenzo via Twitter)

Mayor Maturo speeds away and says no comment when asked to react to @GovMalloyOffice calling his "taco" comments "repugnant." #easthaven

UPDATE: Gov. Dannel Malloy weighs in on Mayor Maturo's boneheaded statement:

"The comments by East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo are repugnant.  They represent either a horrible lack of judgment or worse, an underlying insensitivity to our Latino community that is unacceptable.  Being tired is no excuse.  He owes an apology to the community, and more importantly, he needs to show what he's going to do to repair the damage he's done.  And he needs to do it today."
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Sorry, but we still have the leader of stupid (0.00 / 0)

Nothing beats Dean Grose... but this does come close. :-)

Note: Dean continues to run for office in my fine city, even after his other e-mail was exposed where he told the blue pigeon joke ( http://www.usacarry.com/forums... ) showing he not only has issues with the President's colour skin, but clearly has issues with anyone who isn't lilly white

The question is not what you are, we already determined that, we are now negotiating price.
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call the mayor's office in East Haven, too (0.00 / 0)
I just called Mayor Michael Maturo's office at 203-468-3204 and asked him to resign. The town employee said that he has issued an apology. I did business in East Have last night, but I told the town that until he resigns, I will cease doing business in that town again. I think if many other people called the mayor's office and shared a similar sentiment, he might get the message and resign

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