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Friday roundup

by: ctblogger

Fri Oct 24, 2014 at 09:48:58 AM EDT

The latest.
  • At this point, how can anyone take Tom Foley seriously?
    Republican Tom Foley found time in his busy campaign schedule Thursday night to do a taping of the Sunday political talk show, "Face the State," at the Rocky Hill studios of Connecticut CBS affiliate WFSB.

    Up the road in West Hartford, NBC Connecticut had been saving a seat for Foley on the set of its primetime gubernatorial debate pitting Democratic incumbent Dannel P. Malloy against petition candidate Joseph Visconti.

    Rather than risk his conservative street cred in a side-by-side comparison with the pro-gun Visconti, Foley boycotted NBC.

  • At this point, how can anyone take Gov. Dan Malloy seriously when he flat out lies to the public about his record.
    "This governor here had his Wisconsin moment when he tried to take away the collective bargaining rights of teachers,'' Visconti said. "Common Core is dead on arrival if I'm your governor.''

    But Malloy said that "collective bargaining has never been gone after.'' He added that the state's two major teachers' unions have endorsed him.

    No matter how many times he lies to the public (with the assistance of union leaders), Gov. Malloy is the ONLY DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR WHO HAS PROPOSED TO ELIMINATE COLLECTIVE BARGINING FOR TEACHERS IN LOW PERFORMANCE SCHOOLS.

  • Was there any doubt?
    When he first ran for the 4th Congressional District seat in 2008, The Courant believed Rep. Jim Himes' background in international banking would serve the country well. It has.

    Mr. Himes helped draft the Dodd-Frank bill and other legislation to reform Wall Street, protect consumers and prevent the excesses that led to the Great Recession. He understands the value of the Export-Import Bank in expanding manufacturing jobs in the state. Mr. Himes, 48, is seeking a fourth term and The Courant endorses him.


    Mr. Debicella offers no compelling reason to unseat Mr. Himes, who has done more than enough good work to merit another term.

  • We have a problem in the State Senate 18th district race.
    Voters in the 18th Senatorial District face an unusual situation. The incumbent Democrat, who even his Republican opponent concedes is popular and would be an overwhelming favorite under normal circumstances, is receiving convalescent care after suffering a serious head injury following a July 21 fall. No one knows if state Sen. Andrew Maynard will be able to serve in the 2015 legislative session.

    The residents of the eight towns in the district - Stonington, Groton, North Stonington, Plainfield, Preston, Sterling, Voluntown and Griswold - are being asked to re-elect a man that cannot provide them constituent service at this time and may not be able to represent their interests for who knows how long, if ever.

    Two years ago we gave our endorsement to Sen. Maynard, now 52. A Stonington resident, he has served four terms. The senator's record is one of moderation and pragmatism. Long before the state's fiscal situation reached the point of crisis, Sen. Maynard was a voice demanding fiscal honesty and decrying budget gimmicks. He is a senator who has been accessible to local elected leaders and strong on constituent service.

    But there are too many unanswered questions.

    The family has issued a series of statements, the latest on Oct. 14 offering their "genuine belief" that he will be ready to serve when the legislative session begins in February. But the family has refused to let a reporter meet with Sen. Maynard or talk with his treating physician.

    The Day cannot endorse the senator under these circumstances.

  • Grimaldi explains why cities such as Bridgeport and New Haven are key to Malloy's victory.
    In the closing days of a campaign you seek every advantage you can get. President Obama is scheduled to visit Bridgeport two days before the November 4 general election, in a reprise of 2010 at a location to be named, and wife Michelle will make a stop in New Haven next week for maybe a slice of pizza paradise, all on behalf of courting votes for Governor Dan Malloy in critical urban areas. Bridgeport has some pretty good pie too. And if you need a little topping on San Marzano tomatoes how about a few absentee ballots to touch the political pleasure center of vote banking? Mangia!

    In Connecticut's largest city where locking up absentee ballots is a way of life for political operatives, the governor will likely have close to 1,000 votes in the bank via absentee ballots before the polls open 6 a.m. the first Tuesday of November. More than 500 absentee ballots have been returned so far, according the latest reports by the Town Clerk's Office, with several hundred more expected to come in based on requests for Connecticut's version of early voting. The Town Clerk's Office has mailed more than 1300 absentee ballots for the general election, with more to come.


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The First Lady is coming to town

by: ctblogger

Thu Oct 23, 2014 at 13:25:10 PM EDT

Details (via CT Dems)...

SAVE THE DATE: First Lady Michelle Obama is coming to New Haven next Thursday, October 30th, to help fire up local Democrats before the November 4th election.

It's going to be a great event with First Lady Michelle Obama, Governor Dan Malloy, and Democratic candidates and elected officials from across Connecticut. You won't want to miss it!

More details will be released soon. For now, save the date.


CT Dems

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Housing advocates view the REAL Tom Foley...and they were not impressed

by: ctblogger

Thu Oct 23, 2014 at 09:38:18 AM EDT

Apparetntly, Tom Foley could care less about people in need...should we be surprised?
Republican Tom Foley underwhelmed an audience of housing advocates Wednesday, admitting unfamiliarity with a broad range of housing policies, programs and terms with less than two weeks left in his second run for governor.

Foley was unaware that public housing is largely a state responsibility in Connecticut. Or that state law sets a goal of ensuring that 10 percent of every municipality's housing is affordable. He did not recognize the term "supportive housing," a public-policy trend since the 1990s to help persons with disabilities live independently.

"His lack of knowledge was startling," said Peter Hance of Meriden, a former housing official in Bridgeport, New Haven and Waterbury who now advises small housing authorities.

"My overall impression is that he really hasn't thought about housing at all, other than as sort of an offshoot of economic development," said Betsy Crum, executive director of the Connecticut Housing Coalition. "I heard nothing for a policy agenda."


Foley said he came to learn and to convey his interest in working with the advocates.

But Foley repeatedly begged off answering specific questions about his views towards major programs now underway to combat homelessness and provide more affordable housing in a state where 30 percent of renters spend half their income on housing.


Foley had no answer for a woman who asked how his administration would stimulate the private sector to develop affordable housing in the suburbs as a means to integration.

"You're asking me something that's really beyond my area of expertise. I don't really know," Foley said. He added, " I certainly support the effort to further integrate our society."

"You're asking me how we can get communities to do this? How we can make it more affordable, so more of it happens?" Foley asked. "I don't know the answer, but I would like to help you and others solve the problem."

Tell me again why Tom Foley wants to be governor?
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Malloy must come clean on his attempt to end collective bargaining rights

by: ctblogger

Wed Oct 22, 2014 at 09:59:58 AM EDT

As someone who is disgusted with the stream of lies from the uniuon leadership and Gov Malloy on this issue, I hope the media will start asking questions about this subject -ctblogger

In defense of its endorsement of Governor Dannel "Dan" Malloy, the Connecticut Education Association is using its EXAMINE THE FACTS campaign to tell teachers that Malloy, "Supports teachers' rights to collectively bargain and negotiate contracts, benefits, and working conditions."

At the same time, most of Connecticut's other unions are trying to persuade their members that if elected, Republican Tom Foley will follow Wisconsin's right-wing, anti-union governor and destroy collective bargaining altogether.

But the fact remains that Governor Malloy is the only Democratic governor in the nation to propose unilaterally eliminating collective bargaining rights for a group of public employees.

In Malloy's case, as part of his corporate education reform industry initiative, he proposed repealing collectively bargaining rights for public school teachers working in the poorest schools.

Had the Connecticut General Assembly not stripped Malloy's anti-union provisions, 1,000 - 1,500 public school teachers, in up to 25 schools across Connecticut, would have lost their rights to collective bargain.

In response to Malloy's proposal, the CEA wrote to its members on March 14, 2012 telling them that Malloy's Education Bill would have "real and dramatic consequences for teachers."

Leading the list of negative impacts, the CEA leadership explained that,

"The bill would take away collective bargaining rights from teachers in the lowest performing schools...."

The CEA letter went on to urge teachers to contact their legislators and tell them to "Fix the governor's bill" and "Restore collective bargaining rights."

With less than two weeks to go until Election Day, Governor Malloy has an obligation to come clean about his position on collective bargaining.

Malloy claims that he supports collective bargaining rights, the leaders of Connecticut's unions are telling their members that Malloy supports collective bargaining rights...but it is worth repeating, yet again, that Dannel Malloy is the only Democratic governor in the nation to propose repealing collective bargaining rights for unionized public employees.

To earn the votes of Connecticut's teachers and other union members, Malloy needs to stand up, explain why he produced such an anti-union proposal and renounce his 2012 effort to repeal collective bargaining rights.

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Q POLL/CT-GOV: Malloy 43, Foley 42, Visconti 9

by: ctblogger

Wed Oct 22, 2014 at 08:45:25 AM EDT

Video via CT News Junkie

This poll confirms the obvious, this election has come down to a race betwen the lesser of two evils.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy is locked in a repeat of the 2010 down-to-the-wire governor's race as he holds 43 percent of likely voters to Republican challenger Tom Foley's 42 percent, with 9 percent for independent candidate Joe Visconti, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to a 43 - 43 percent dead heat among likely voters in an October 8 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

With Visconti out of the race, it's a 45 - 45 percent tie today.

The gender gap is wide in the three-way race as Gov. Malloy leads Foley 51 - 32 percent among women, with 9 percent for Visconti, while Foley leads Malloy 53 - 34 percent among men, with 9 percent for Visconti.

Independent voters are divided with 38 percent for Foley, 36 percent for Malloy and 16 percent for Visconti. Malloy tops Foley among Democrats, 81 - 11 percent, with 4 percent for Visconti. Foley beats Malloy 85 - 6 percent among Republicans, with 6 percent for Visconti.

With 13 days until the election, 81 percent of Connecticut likely voters who name a candidate say their mind is made up, while 18 percent say they might change their mind. Their minds are made up, say 86 percent of Malloy voters and 84 percent of Foley backers, while 49 percent of Visconti supporters say they might change their mind.

"The race for Connecticut governor looks very much like it will go down to the wire - again," said Douglas Schwartz, PhD, director of the Quinnipiac University poll.

"Republican Tom Foley has to be concerned that this is the first likely voter poll in which Gov. Dannel Malloy has a numerical edge, even though it's razor-thin."

"As expected, Democrats and Republicans are coming home with both Malloy and Foley winning at least 80 percent of their bases, but the independent voters are really up for grabs, with independent Joe Visconti now taking 16 percent of the independent vote," Dr. Schwartz added.

"The gender gap is now a huge 38 points, with men going to Foley by 19 points and women for Malloy by 19 points.

Connecticut likely voters give both major party candidates negative favorability ratings:
Malloy gets a negative 42 - 50 percent favorability, virtually unchanged from October 8;
Foley gets a negative 40 - 46 percent favorability, down from his split 41 - 39 percent score two weeks ago;
80 percent of voters still don't know enough about Visconti to form an opinion, compared to an 86 percent "don't know enough" rating two weeks ago.
"The other bad news for Tom Foley is that his favorability rating continues to tumble," Schwartz said. "For the first time, more voters have a negative view of him than a positive view. The more voters get to know him, the less they like him.

"The good news for Foley is that Malloy's favorability is actually slightly worse.

"The Connecticut race recently was rated the most negative in the nation, and voters are giving a thumbs down to both major party candidates. With voters not liking either candidate very much, some voters could just choose the lesser of two evils. The dislike of Malloy and Foley helps explain why independent candidate Joe Visconti is holding onto 9 percent, at least for now."

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While Malloy stays the course on the Common Core, Cuomo distances himself from it

by: ctblogger

Tue Oct 21, 2014 at 10:29:15 AM EDT

Cross post from Jon Pelto's Wait What?

According to Truth in American Education (TAE), a national, non-partisan group of concerned parents and citizens, "Andrew Cuomo Says He'll Delay Using Common Core Scores for Five Years.

Like Governor Dannel "Dan" Malloy, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a long-time, out-spoken proponent of the Common Core and the Corporate Education Reform Industry.  However, faced with mounting opposition to the Common Core and its associated Common Core Standardized Testing Scheme, Cuomo is changing his position and has even begun to run campaign television ads distancing himself from the Common Core.

The new Cuomo anti-Common Core ad can be seen here.

Truth in Education reports,

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a campaign ad yesterday that he will delay using Common Core assessment scores for five years and then only if New York children are ready.


The Stop Common Core Ballot Line delivered over 62,000 signatures.  Over 30,000 students opted-out of Common Core assessments last spring including Cuomo's Republican challenger, Rob Astorino's children.

The TAE article also pointed to a July 2014 Siena College Poll that reported that 49% of New Yorkers want Common Core implementation stopped, while only 39% want to see the standards implemented.

The Siena College Poll also revealed that opposition to the Common Core was across the entire political spectrum noting, "More moderates, conservatives, union households, non-union households, men, women, suburbanites, upstaters, whites, Catholics, and members of all age groups want to see the Common Core stopped."

But here in Connecticut, Governor Malloy and his Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor, have remained dedicated to the implementation of the Common Core and its related Common Core SBAC Standardized Test.

Earlier this year, State Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor told the New Haven Register's editorial board that postponing implementation of the Common Core would be "ill conceived" and would be a step backward.

And Malloy himself has said that it is too late to turn back on the Common Core and his corporate education reform industry agenda.

Malloy recently old the Waterbury Republican-American Newspaper, "What we've done needs to continue to be implemented and rolled out" and the editorial board of the Day newspaper of New London spoke with Malloy and wrote, "The governor assured us he will stay the course on education reform if re-elected."

The Hartford Courant has also reported that following another meeting, "the governor emphasized that he is not backing off his support for the teacher evaluation system or the Common Core. It's 'not that either one isn't the right thing to do," Malloy said."

As appalling as Malloy and Pryor's support has been, even worse is the fact that Malloy and his Commissioner of Education have spent countless hours engaged in a campaign to mislead parents into thinking that they do not have the right to opt-out their children from the Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Test.

It is worth repeating that while Governor Malloy and Commission Pryor claim that federal and state laws trump parental rights when it comes to taking the Common Core Standardized Tests, there are no federal or state laws that prohibit parents from opting their children out of the Common Core Tests nor is there any law that allows schools to punish parents or students for opting out of the tests.

Rather than protecting the rights of parents, Malloy's Commissioner of Education sent out a memo to Connecticut's school superintendents explaining how they should go about misleading, scaring and lying to Connecticut parents in an immoral effort to stop parents from opting-out their children.

Even if Cuomo's "conversion" on the Common Core is nothing more than political self-preservation, it is certainly an interesting development that even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has come to recognize that parroting the Common Core and Corporate Education Reform Industry rhetoric is not the right thing to do.

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